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This is what Smokes looks like after a 2 1/2 hour spree!

Two days ago, Smokes got on the loose! One of the kids opened the gate and he went flying out! Once he's gone, he's gone...I had to draw this map for you so you get the whole picture! He went behind my house, through the woods to the local farm stand. That is about 3 miles, we had a sighting there. Then he went all the way to the pizza parlor which is another 2-3 miles. Meanwhile, we got in two cars and looked for him for 2 1/2 hours. Finally we called the police and they had a sighting by the pizza parlor! Fortunately, the kids found him there and he was more than happy to get into the car for the ride home!
Now that Smokes had his exercise, this is where he took his nap! He was physically exhausted and I was mentally exhausted! I was just glad he didn't get hurt or cause an accident! I'm a total worry wart when this happens, that is why we all go in high gear to find him!
Have a great day!



the dog is so cute

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hello Deborah,
I am Fern, my blog is, Animal Lover, Quilt Lover. I have been blogging since last March.
I am happy to meet another animal lover.
How long have you been blogging? Have you seen my blog in your surfing?
Would you like to be friends?

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


My mom so KNOWS THAT FEELING of immediate PANIKH!

We are what we are and we do what we do bekhause we are Siberians



D.K. Wall said...

Ah that Sibe instinct to RUNNNNNNN. That is why we have built Sibe Quentin here. Always very scary when it happens.

Sam said...

LOL, ditto to what Khyra said! That's just what they do!

Glad the boy is home safe and hope he stays there this time!!

BRUTUS said...

Hi Deborah-

What an adventure you had! I'd been needing therapy for post-traumatic stress syndrome if Brutus ever took off! So glad that this tale had a happy ending, but it must have been quite the scare!

Michelle & Brutus
p.s. please email me at hrnchardds@yahoo.com with your snail mail address. Can't wait to go shopping for the paw it forward gifts! I'll give you a heads-up when I mail them, probably in a week or two :)
Thanks for playing!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

A sibe will be a sibe will be a sibe - we just love to run, run, run. Mom is always worried we will try it one day, but we keep trying to let her know we are pretty content here as long as she keeps up with the ear scritchies, tummy rubs, and yummy treats. Glad Smokes was found - that must have been scary.

Woos, the OP Pack

Lisa + current cat said...

So glad to hear Smokes made it home safe from his adventure. I would've been searching just like you if one of my guys got out too. He sure went a long way!

renci said...

ljep pozdrav ...

Beth Dunn said...

Little bear...so tired! I have the same pool cover. xoxo


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my goodness..stop worrying momma Smokes! Don't forget who has all the goodies
Benny & Lily

Thor and Jack said...

Oh how scary! Glad Smokes was found!
love, Thor

dw said...

Oh my goodness! Smokes, dude, don't you know how you scared your mom???? Then again, maybe he went off looking for ice cream and pizza. Come to think of it, that sounds like a good reason to go out and about! Maybe you should reconsider his treats! Heeeeeeee! Seriously, I'm so glad he wasn't hurt. We've had one blogging pup hurt by an SUV this year (little Walter the Pug) and we don't need another!

Scooter said...

Sure am glad that you found smokes. My mom knows exactly how you feel. Someone opened our gate and let me out last March, it was raining all night and I was out all night long.

Mom says It is impossible to find a black dog in the dark!! They looked until 3 Am and a neighbor found me about 7 AM and took me home. Lucky for me, Mom was so relieved that I had been found that I didnt get into trouble, and now there is a padlock on the gate!!


Goose said...

I'm glad Smokes was found and was brought safely home. He is my faveorite of your dogs! I would freak out if I had a dog and it got out too!

The Silver Age Sara said...

Wow, you must have been exhausted with worry. I'm so glad everything turned out alright.