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Lazy Pets

I entered Ariel and Winston in the Martha Steward's Lazy Pet contest the other day! There are 840 photo's of lazy cats and dogs! I have looked at every single one of them! Some of them are really winners! So far in three days, Winston has received 71 views and Ariel has received 47 views. I'm trying to win free dog food for a year! That would be awesome! All you have to do is go to http://www.marthastewart.com/ and click on the Pets tab, then look for the photo contest link and your in! If either one of my dogs won, that would be a first! I couldn't even imagine winning dog food for an entire year..When I go shopping for pet food, I spend roughly $250.00 a month to feed this crew. That probably does not include everything either! I try to coupon shop with the dog and cat food, but I certainly can't keep switching there food because it just does not work that way, unless you want to have a sick pet on your hands! I have to admit, if the cat food is on special, I will buy a couple bags to save the few dollars in the long run.. Well, if your pooch is photogenic and you think you have a chance, maybe you should enter. Martha's contest ends September 15, 2009...So wish me lots of luck!


tori said...

very cute! my kitty sleeps with his hands in his paws. i smile everytime i see him doing it. good luck on the contest!

Deborah said...

Thanks for coming by Tory! I don't think I have a cat's chance because the other pets are darn cute!! I'll have to let everyone know how they did!