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The vote is over and your favorite pet you chose for the "Favorite Pet Poll" was a ....DOG....I'm not surprised, being man's best friend and all..
I was told by my friend the whale is technically a mammal so the whale shouldn't even be listed..but some people may like whales. I know when I was a younger..just a few years ago, I had quite a whale collection. Everyone would give me whales. I had whale belts, whale shirts, whale figurines, whale scarfs, you name it, I had it! I'm not even sure how this lavish collection started, but it did..
It only lasted a few years, I must have made new friends that didn't know I was a whale collector. I am now on the way to the groomers to get pickup Ariel and Winston. I will post there photo's as soon as I get back. They always look so pretty and handsome when they come home! With all this rain, they desperately needed to be groomed.

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