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Pictures are sure to follow soon, it was a busy day for the animals! A lot of sleeping goes on, but they do have fun! My cat, Lilly, loves to drink out of my kitchen sink faucet, not to mention, sleep in the bathroom sink. Why that sink, you may ask, I don't know. Lou will sleep on the fish tank, daily. Ariel will spend her day in my office on the couch! My Cockatail, Mr. O'Riely will only sing, while I'm on the phone!! Mr. O'Riely reminds me of a child. Always, talking and trying to get my attention while I'm talking to a customer!! Winston, my King Charles, is a little over weight and slow going, he just goes with the flow. Mr. Chips, the smallest of all, the Chihuahua, is the loudest. Always trying to play with the Husky, Smokes, or sleep on Winston.. Scooter, our largest Maine Coon cat is very handsome and loves attention..

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