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Good Day,
What a great day! I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I have had visits from the US, UK, Chile, Portugal and Mexico and I just want to say thanks!!
Today is a beautiful sunny day, beats all the rain we have been getting, I will be trying to get some photos of our pets later today! Just to bring you up to date, the baby bunny is doing well. We have Thumper outside a lot to get some fresh air. I have noticed that we have many rabbits in our yard eating the clover. I do not let anyone use any pesticides on my lawn because of the wildlife and not to mention our pets or the kids!! Nothing like running through a lawn that is full of pesticides then running into the house and now have pesticides in the house. If you haven't figured it out, I hate that! I am totally going green too in the house as well as outside. Another "pet" peeve of mine is letting our pets walk though a freshly washed floor that will irritate there paws. That is why my first choice to wash floors is vinegar and water. It smells like your coloring Easter eggs, but it won't hurt your pets!!
Have a great day! Come back and visit soon!

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